Trucking Accidents

Kansas City Truck Accident Attorney

Trucks are different. They are much larger than ordinary vehicles and the consequence of a crash is often much more severe. Missouri has long been at the crossroads of transit in this country, with major Interstate highways like I-70, I-35 and I-29 passing through the Kansas City area and with them, thousands of heavy trucks. When a truck driver is distracted, fatigued or impaired, a big rig accident often results, with other motorists suffering the majority of the injuries.

These truck crashes are often complex in terms of causation and liability. For an individual who has been injured in such a wreck, attempting to sort out the facts and obtain compensation from the responsible parties can be frustrating. You want to recover and get better, while the stress of dealing with insurance companies and their lawyers can only make you feel worse.

The Nail Law Firm Can Help

Our attorneys understand your situation. We have represented numerous individuals involved in trucking accidents and know how to examine your crash, determine who may be responsible and locate the sources of compensation like insurance that will help you recover and regain your health.

Truck accidents are complex because of the complexities of the trucking industry. You may believe it is the driver’s fault. The problem is often that the driver is only one piece of the puzzle. The truck may be owned or leased by one entity or the tractor may be owned by one company, the trailer by another trucking company and the driver may be an independent contractor, separate from the tractor and trailer.

There can be questions of improper or negligent maintenance of the truck, improper supervision or negligent hiring, training or supervision of the driver, or the truck may have been loaded improperly. It is often a combination of parts of all of these elements. Additionally, each party is likely to have their own insurance and attorneys.

We Understand Truck Accidents

This complexity can be bewildering for the average injured motorist. You simply don’t know where to begin. Our lawyers know how to examine the crash, your injuries and help you determine the compensation necessary to make you whole after such a devastating crash.