• 5 Top Causes of Distracted Driving

    5 Top Causes of Distracted Driving

    As vehicles become more advanced and come with more features, more people understand the dangers of distracted driving. It is for this reason the Columbia City Council in Missouri considered legislation to define what constitutes distracted driving and how to prevent it on state roadways.

    The truth of the matter is that it only takes a few seconds to end up in an accident if you are not careful. Distracted driving is a leading cause of auto accidents, so be aware of what you potentially do that increases your chances of injury.

    1. Lost in thought

    Surprisingly, many drivers become distracted simply because they day dreamed momentarily. When you are behind the wheel, all of your thoughts should be on the road.

    2. Cellphone

    This is a well-known source of distraction, and many states have taken steps to outlaw its use. You should never text or call someone while driving. You do not even want to do it if you have a hands-free device. Similarly to the above point, you may become distracted and too focused on the conversation to pay attention to what is ahead of you.

    3. Outside event

    The road itself can be a distracting place. Perhaps you notice an accident on the side of the road and decide to rubberneck. You may end up in your own accident if you are not careful.

    4. Passengers

    Perhaps your passengers are the source of distraction. They may talk to you, and similarly to the cellphone point, you spend too much energy on the conversation and not enough on driving. Additionally, you should have other people in your car handle the radio and food distribution duties instead of doing everything yourself.

    5. Eating or drinking

    If you are in a hurry, then you may only have time to grab fast food drive-thru. However, eating in the car forces you to take one hand off the steering wheel. This can result in an accident, so always take time out of the day to sit down and eat.

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