• How Do I Choose a Good Nursing Home for My Relative?

    How Do I Choose a Good Nursing Home for My Relative?

    If you find yourself contemplating nursing homes in the Kansas City area for an elderly relative, you might have a few questions in mind, such as: “How do I know if the place I choose for my family member is right?” Or, “How will I know it is safe?” These are valid questions anyone should have when considering nursing home living. You are aware of the dangers of nursing home and assisted-living center abuse, which is why you want to ensure the home your relative moves into protects him or her from it.

    Choosing a good nursing home might seem like an overwhelming and confusing task. Here are some questions to ask yourself to improve your chances of selecting the right assisted-living center for your loved one.

    What are your relative’s care needs? 

    Talk with your family member and his or her medical doctors to determine the level of care required. You must take your relative’s mental and physical health into consideration. If he or she needs assistance with daily activities, such as bathing, eating and medication administration, nursing homes that offer those services are ideal choices. Do not forget to think about your family member’s future needs. If there is a possibility of needing nursing care because of a progressive cognitive issue, such as dementia, you should choose a facility that provides that.

    Have you researched references and ratings?

    Ask your friends and other family members for assisted-living and nursing home recommendations. Be leery of places that have low and questionable ratings. Check the Medicare website to learn how different facilities measure up. If there are places you are considering with mediocre ratings or questionable reviews, be sure to ask about them during your tour. If your concerns are dismissed or you cannot learn how staff resolved the issues, you might want to continue your search.

    Have you taken a tour?

    It is imperative for you not to rely on the photos and virtual tours you see online. You can get a much better impression of each facility by touring it. Touring provides the opportunity for you to observe the residents and staff and their interactions. Keep your eyes open for signs of neglect, abuse and poor staff and resident morale. You can decide if you and your relative will like the furnishings, atmosphere and vibe or if another nursing home is better.

    There are many options for nursing homes and assisted-living centers for seniors. Unfortunately, not all those places can give your loved one the care and support he or she deserves. Use your efforts wisely when choosing a good nursing home to protect your loved one.

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